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Pantsless Partying

Face it. There are a million ways to party without pants on. A common misconception is that a pantsless party can mean only one of two things: a toga party, or a naked party. That's just simply not true (although those aren't necessarily bad options for your party). It's time to stop being so old fashioned about this. Partying without pants is an art form. It's a time to really let the creative juices flow. No pants does not mean togas or nudity (necessarily) - it just means no pants, and it's up to you to decide how to carry that out.

Yuppie dinner parties just got a lot more fun...
Yuppie dinner parties just got a lot more fun...

First things first. We recommend that you decide what type of party you want to have. Here are some ideas, to get the gears turning in your head:

The point is that pantslessness is like salt, and can be sprinkled on anything. Any kind of party can be a pantsless party. In fact, if you follow studies performed by the scientist in the field of Antipantsology, you'd know that people are more likely to have a good time anyways once their pants are off. Parties practically start themselves, once you break free of that self-inflicted prison of cloth and fabric.

Once you've established your party flavor, or once you've been invited to a pantsless party (usually a pretty prestigious affair), it's time to select an outfit. Or lack thereof. Here are some options for those of you that are new to this:

This is just the beginning. There are many more ideas out there. When you find yourself partying pantsless and have a new idea, send it our way. We'd be glad to put it up here, especially with a visual aid to guide our less experienced readers.

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