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The typical work day begins with an egg toss, followed by a ceremonious taking off of the pants
The typical work day begins with an egg toss, followed by a ceremonious taking off of the pants
We said 'bacon', stupid.
We said 'bacon', stupid.

What can we say? We're just like any other company or organization. Here are some things about us that you'll find in most office environments around the worlds:

Pretty standard. But what keeps us going every day and night is protecting people from pants. However, we know that we can't protect everybody, all the time. At least not without equipment more advanced than what we're using now. It is our hope that people will read the information on this site, and go forth, helping other people get rid of their pants as well.

If you have a beautiful tale of a time when you took your pants off and thoroughly enjoyed yourself, or a time when you witnessed somebody else experiencing this, please feel free to share it with us. If we are moved by your story, we may just end up posting it up here for everybody to see.

Similarly, don't be afraid to share your horror stories of times when you were forced to wear pants.

Also, rest assured that we are setting up a hotline for suspected sightings of people from the future. Again, we're just here to help. It's our passion. It's our calling. It's what we do best. It's one of the only things we're capable of doing.

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