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No Pants Day

Save the date: MAY 1st, 2009

No Pants Day is a very sacred International holiday that falls on the first Friday of every May. There are some sites that are specially dedicated to this precious festival, but below you'll find some interesting information about the day and how to celebrate it. An activist group from Austin, TX has put together a site to help promote awareness of this holiday, and has compiled some wonderful images of No Pants Day celebrations from around the world at nopantsday.com.

Join us in honoring the heroes of the no pants movement this year on May 1st, 2009 (also falls on the much less recognized May Day holiday). It should be noted that the proximity of No Pants Day and Cinqo de Mayo every year is no coincidence. It's well-known that Cinqo de Mayo is the holiday of "first times".

Though the many members of WeHatePants.com, the Pantsless Alliance, and the No Pants Coalition are dedicated to hating pants around the clock, all day, every day, please join us on No Pants Day for this wonderful tradition.

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