A post dedicated to fighting the staggeringly tragic war against pants.

Hey There

Welcome to WeHatePants.com

Q: What is WeHatePants?
A: A movement. A revolution. A search for the truth.

Everything below this is extremely true. You better read on, for your own safety

Far too many people are trapped inside their own pants, longing for freedom. Do you walk down the street in your hot, uncomfortable pants, just staring at all the people NOT wearing them, wondering why they're having a better life?

The truth is that pants restrict you, contribute to global warming, and can sometimes be dangerous. And that's just the beginning. If you're still not convinced, try taking off your pants and see how great it feels. Encourage others around you to join.


If you think that you NEED to be wearing those pants right now, then they may have gotten to you already, and you are LIVING A LIE. You need to take off your pants right now and join the revolution.

It's time now to choose your own path from here:

Without pants: Life is good, fun, sexy
Without pants: Life is good, fun, sexy
With pants: Life is less fun, and at times dangerous
With pants: Life is less fun, and at times dangerous

What people are saying RIGHT NOW

"I've been waiting for this for my entire life"
    -Richie Sambora

"Best web site since the War of 1812!!"
    -Condoleezza Rice

"You KNOW that when you take your pants off, something awesome is about to happen."
    -George Smith

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